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Empower Ventures is an independent company set up as a specialist investment house to invest in companies leveraging smart technologies, with a focus on those that are building new platforms for advanced automation, energy efficiency and resource productivity.  

We are focused on long-term value creation.  This is reflected in our team which has a strong combination of operational executives, serial entrepreneurs and investment professionals with experience in and passion for building businesses and helping entrepreneurs solve problems and overcome scale-up challenges.  Our industry backgrounds are energy, technology and telecom. 

Our mission is to relentlessly pursue, fund and help the industry's next stars.  We work hard and spend time to get to know entrepreneurs, founders and CEOs, and once we invest, we throw our knowledge and energies behind our investments.  We know that often the real work begins after the investment.  All of our partners will work to help each company we invest in.

We look for entrepreneurs creating new solutions to real problems, committed to and building a business that can scale and make a difference, tackling a large addressable market with products or solutions that achieve short customer payback periods, and a business and operational model that creates or sustains a clear competitive edge.